About the ACS Team

About the ACS Team

Meet the American Cancer Society team members who led the Hospital Systems Capacity Building Initiative. Two ACS teams were engaged in the initiative.

The ACS National Staff, consisting of the Principal Investigator, Program Director, Project Coordinator, and Director of Data and Evaluation, led the strategic design, oversight, delivery of technical and capacity-building assistance, and the evaluation of the initiative as a whole. Subject Matter Experts and a National Advisory Committee also provided support and guidance throughout the project.

Twenty ACS Regional Staff Leads served as partnership managers and ACS representatives for the 20 Communities of Practice sites.

ACS National Staff

Sarah Shafir Photo

Sarah Shafir, MPH
Vice President
National Roundtables and Coalitions

Debra Fackler Photoo

Debra Fackler
Project Coordinator
Hospital Systems Capacity Building Initiative

Jessie Sanders Photo

Jessie Sanders
Hospital Systems Capacity Building

Donoria Evans Photo

Donoria Evans, PhD
Director, Data and Evaluation
National Partnerships & Innovation

To inquire further about the HSCB Initiative, please contact Jessie.Sanders@cancer.org.