HSCB Sustainability Resources

HSCB Sustainability Resources

The following resources support the key sections in the HSCB Sustainability Assessment document.

Champion Considerations

This resource gives you questions and points to consider in your plans to select a champion for your project.

COP CRC Call for Champion Example

This resource gives you an example template to send out when seeking a champion from the sites in your Community of Practice group. The template describes the vision and aim of the project and states the expectations for the champion.  

Developing a Logic Model

This resource gives you tips on developing and using a logic model to plan and evaluate your project. The resource is compatible with the CDC guide for developing logic models.

Effective Use of Evaluation Findings

This resource describes recommendations and considerations from the CDC about how to carefully think through the steps of effectively disseminating evaluation-related information for target audiences. 

Sustainability Assessment Facilitator Guide

This resource gives you tips and tools for preparing and conducting meetings for training audiences in the use of the HSCB Sustainability Assessment. 

Identify Champions

This resource gives you information about the role of champions in creating change in primary care settings. The study described in the resource identified two types of champions needed to create change - Project Champions and Organizational Change Champions.

Intervention Scalability

This resource gives you questions to consider about scalability when planning interventions for your project. The resource is based on the Australian Intervention Scalability Assessment Tool.

Leadership Buy-In

This resource gives you an example 2-page brief that you can use to communicate key ideas about your project to your leadership. The brief illustrates key messages and statistics that can help you to get leadership buy-in for your project. 

Collaborator for Evaluation Planning Tool

This resource gives you a template form that you can fill out to help you identify and understand key collaborators that you might want to participate in the evaluation phase of your project. The template helps to identify potential collaborators and their interests, perceptions, and concerns that might match well with your evaluation effort.

Virtual Process Mapping Tool

This resource is a spreadsheet tool for describing your project processes in visual form. The spreadsheet contains a swim-lane flowchart tab and a regular process flowchart tab. Drag-and-drop symbols and labels are included for convenient cut-and-paste construction and modeling of your project processes.